Hosting Services


Our Canada-based hosting environment has a redundant infrastructure and is co-located at two Peer1 Networks data centres in Toronto and Markham.

Peer1 (www.peer1.com) is one of Canada’s largest and most reliable ISPs. Our computing technologies use best of class technologies from HP and Cisco. Our solution is designed for high availability and can support very demanding computing requirements. Both SKE and Peer1 have gone through a threat risk assessment (TRA) and security audit to ensure that the hosting environment meets government IT standards and requirements. Clients can choose to do their own TRA and security audit.

Why host?

GeoPortal clients can choose to host their business systems in our Canadian data center, or continue to deploy them in their own IT environment as part of a hybrid solution, allowing the data to remain behind their firewalls.

Cost and Time Saving through Hosting: By not running and managing your own networks, servers and associated software you save time, effort, and infrastructure costs. This will also free-up IT resources to focus elsewhere.

Professional and Reliable Support: Our team knows the technology to ensure non-interrupted service. Clients get a Service Level Agreement that clearly sets out what they can expect.

Growth and Flexibility: The service is scalable. It can support ten users or ten thousand.  Hosting services include the use of all the infrastructure and core software licenses (operating system, DBMS, etc.), as well as the management of your solution.

Security: Your data are secure, regardless of where they are hosted. Your system is always available, regardless of where you are!

HP cisco peer 1 windows server

Canada GeoPortal integrates with Oracle, DB2, SQL Server and any other OLE accessible database and virtually any Internet web service. Our administrative tools enable us to make the connections and integration without ANY changes to your business systems or programming of new capabilities.

Canada GeoPortal is a service offered by Infrastructure Ontario and SKE Inc. GeoPortal Canada