Customer GeoPortal


With a Customer GeoPortal, integrate your information and data and get a common operating picture across the organization. All documents, databases, and web applications and services can be integrated and made easily accessible.

.The Customer GeoPortal provides GeoViewer for map visualization and discovery, DataViewer for business data query and reporting, and DocumentViewer for document / content access and management.

Start small or large with a few map layers and some data, or hundreds of layers and dozens of related content sources and databases. Regardless of the complexity and amount of data, the system remains the same.

COMPARE a Customer GeoPortal solution with building from scratch!



  • Geo-enabled business intelligence: The integration of business data and content with maps offers tremendous opportunities to understand data. Identify new relationships, gaps and clusters that words and numbers alone can't find.
  • Leverage your GIS and systems investment: Any investment you've already made in GIS and custom systems is leveraged by making the data easily accessible and usable in new ways that support decision-making, communications, and information sharing.
  • Communications: Maps are intuitive and can help present and communicate complex concepts inherent in your business data. 
  • Cost Saving:With nothing to buy, the cost is both affordable and predictable.
  • General reports and maps for presentation and publication.
  • Professional support: Our Service Level Agreement sets out what you can expect.
  • Growth and Flexibility: Our hosting service is scalable.  Your GeoPortal can support 10 users or 10,000. 
  • Higher Value GIS:  GIS staff can focus on providing higher-value products and support.
  • Security: Your data are always secure, your system is always available.



GeoPortal provides key functionality to access, visualize, search and query your spatial, tabular and document data, including:

  • Integrate map features to data set records. For example, find properties within a kilometer, and link to a spreadsheet with the property ownership details so that the owners can be identified.
  • Integrate the data set records to related map layer features. Query data and map the result. 
  • Integrate both map features and data set records to their related documents/reports in DocumentViewer.  For example, identify a property on the map and access its related development plan, plan of survey, photos of the site, etc. 
  • Integrate map features and data set records with related web services.    
  • Create and save queries and reports to run any time, enabling you to quickly ask common questions.
  • Export query / report results to Excel for further statistical analysis and charting.
  • Create a document content structure for direct access from DataViewer and GeoViewer.
  • Maintain, add, rename documents and other unstructured content within an easily navigable structure for all users.
  • Organize content in different views (Topics) for different departments or programs – so, for example, have separate topics for facilities staff, program delivery, and policy development - and control who sees what information.
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Canada GeoPortal is a service offered by Infrastructure Ontario and SKE Inc. GeoPortal Canada